Two Harbors

Two Harbors
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The Two Harbors bald eagle nest is located on a rock outcrop about 100 m above the Pacific Ocean near the town of Two Harbors on Santa Catalina Island, California.

Bald eagles were wiped out on Santa Catalina and the other seven California Channel Islands by the early 1960s because DDT pollution in the ocean off southern California caused them to lay thin-shelled eggs that broke before the chicks could hatch. The Institute for Wildlife Studies (hyperlink to (IWS) began bringing bald eagles back to Santa Catalina Island in 1980 by releasing young eagles from hacking towers.
The female at the Two Harbors nest (#82) hatched from an egg removed from the West End nest and was fostered to the Pinnacle Rock nest on Santa Catalina Island in 1998. The male (#81, he has lost his wing tags) was produced by captive eagles at the Avian Conservation Center at the San Francisco Zoo and fostered to the West End nest in 1998. These two eagles have been breeding at the Two Harbors nest since 2003 and the nest has been online since 2005.
You can watch one of their chicks, female #91, nesting at the nearby West End nest with a male that began breeding after #91’s grandfather (on her mother’s side) disappeared in late 2005. To find out what has been happening on this and our other nests, please visit the Channel Islands Live! Eagle Cam Discussion Forum. We have multiple cameras, so please click here to view all our nests and join in the chat.