Chula Vista - Lookout

Chula Vista - Lookout
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The Owl Channel cams, located in Chula Vista, California, features four cameras. Two are inside the nestbox, while the two outer cams are fixed on the nestbox’s exterior and the surrounding trees respectively. Broadcasting began in January 2011, six months after the owl box was first constructed. The nest has had at least three pairs of nesting barn owls that have had successful clutches. The current pair is named Hans and Didi.

There has been a lot of barn owl activity at this owl box. In the spring of 2011 there was a “black” owl that visited the box but did not stay. We have had numerous visits to and around the box from owls who are not the breeding pair which fans of the cam call Mystery Owls.

Hans and Didi had an unsuccessful clutch in the spring of 2014. None of the four eggs hatched. Previous to that, another pair of barn owls, Roy and Dale had their third successful clutch. Four of five eggs hatched and all four fledged.

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