Unless they are nesting or denning, animals tend to move around quite a bit.

This makes watching them more interesting, but keeping them in the camera view more challenging. 
A fixed camera would either have to be zoomed out quite far or only have an animal on the screen occasionally.
Neither would make for very interesting viewing.

This is where our team of intrepid zoomies comes to the rescue!

They allow us to use cameras that can zoom in and out and move to follow to animals around.
From the comfort of their homes (or maybe even offices?) they volunteer their time
and take turns in moving the camera around to catch as much of the action as possible.

Sometimes this is easy while at other times it can get a bit frustrating when the cameras become a bit temperamental
or the controls develop a mind of their own.
But it’s always rewarding to know you are helping share the beauty of nature with others.

We currently have a group of zoomies controlling our African waterhole cameras, and other groups that work directly with
the Hancock Wildlife Foundation for various Bald Eagle nests and with the Wolf Conservation Center in New York State for the wolf cams.

If you would like to help WildEarth...

If you have reasonable computer skills, a fair bit of time available to help out
and would like to find out more about being a zoomie for the African waterhole cameras,
send us an email and we will get back to you.

If you are interested in helping with the eagle or wolf cams, you can contact those organisations directly.