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Leopard Maritane
Recorded on Kwa Maritane waterhole camera on
2017-06-08 | 1:27:56 +02:00
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Leopard Maritane

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2017-06-08 | 0:45:27 +00:00

The Leopard Maritane found something he just couldnt resist and managed to sneak in without Hery the hippo seeing him. He Really seemed to enjoy what ever he was finding there on the ground. Thanks Mouse for zooming


Kwa Maritane
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2017-06-08 | 3:37:26 +00:00
thanks mouse and clg. how thrilling it must have been to see this beautiful leopard stay a while.
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Created by: Limbury
Camera: Pete's Pond

Wildebeest just see the croc in time and jumps high to save it's self !

2 months ago