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Hyena drinking?
Recorded on Djuma Waterhole on
2014-07-08 | 22:36:33 +02:00
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Hyena drinking?

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2014-07-09 | 0:32:56 +00:00


Loud lapping of water heard. Finally a critter is seen over on the 'beach'. I think it is an hyena, but some other chatters thought it might have been a lion. What do you think?

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2014-07-11 | 14:07:46 +00:00
I would say definitely hyena.
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2014-07-09 | 11:45:17 +00:00
I vote for Hyena
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Created by: Limbury
Camera: Pete's Pond

Wildebeest just see the croc in time and jumps high to save it's self !

7 months ago