The Team

Meet The Team

Graham Wallington

Co-founder of WildEarth and has had an abiding passion for LIVE broadcasting for 12 years and visual communication all his life. Growing up in South Africa he developed a love of wildlife and photography and then spent 4 years traveling the globe in search of the most beautiful diving locations. He returned to South Africa and built a successful property development and marketing company, but then became intrigued by the Internet.

After changing career for the third time into ‘website development’ he decided to build his own web property …, which was hugely successful as a wildlife webcam broadcaster. After the dot com rubble was cleared he founded WildEarth with his wife Emily, and has focused on building towards a future vision he sees very clearly. Graham’s skills are very much those of an experienced entrepreneur with the vision of transporting people to immersive experiences that they otherwise would not, or could not, have.

Emily Wallington

After completing a law degree, Emily moved into the television industry 13 years ago and has been making documentaries ever since. Born in the UK, most of her career was based over there. She worked at the BBC Natural History Unit for many years producing a variety of wildlife shows such as Big Cat Diary, The Natural World and Wildlife on One.
Since then she has produced many wildlife series for National Geographic and Animal Planet and it was in the Serengeti whilst filming the wildebeest migration that she met her husband Graham and moved to South Africa.
Together they co-founded WildEarth and currently Emily is the Content Director for WildEarth, Carnage and Sasashani.


Peter Braat

Born and raised in the Netherlands, but soon after getting his M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering packed up his bags. He has since lived and worked in various countries throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa. He brings to the group a wealth of technical skills, as well as operational and management experience, honed during 15 years of working for one of the world’s largest chemical companies. During this time he, amongst others, led the successful start-up of a new $100MM petrochemical facility in former East Germany, headed global technical support for one of the company’s largest businesses, and chaired the integration of various work processes in a Kuwaiti joint venture. After his Kuwaiti assignment Peter decided to find a new challenge in a different field. He has (for now) settled in South Africa, which is where he met Graham and Emily, and subsequently joined the WildEarth management team in 2009, as Technical Director.
He is a key player in the expansion of the group’s vision beyond wildlife and Africa and leads the technical development for all companies in the group.
Peter is an investor in and founding member of Sasashani
and has also personally invested in WildEarth.


Torsten Hoffmann

After working as middle manager at one of Europe’s largest cable TV operators and as consultant in the international television industry Torsten founded 3D Content Hub, a world-leading content distributor specialized in stereoscopic 3D titles. As CEO of the company he now represents 45 producers from all around the world and in the past three years has negotiated and signed licensing deals with broadcasters, VOD operators, BluRay labels, CE manufacturers and other customers in 40 territories and counting. He is a recognized thought-leader on everything 3D and popular speaker at large media events (MIP Cannes, Medientage, Informa, 3D Expo Beijing, International 3D Society Korea, 3D Entertainment Summit Hollywood, Dimension3 Paris, ...).

Torsten is a German by nationality, has lived and worked in Germany, the U.S., Asia and currently resides in Australia. Torsten has helped to develop WildEarth into a Pay-TV channel as part of his MBA program at the University of Oxford; Torsten now serves as Distribution Director for the company's channel 3flow and the 3D documentaries.

He is a founding member of and investor in Sasashani.


Will Fox

Will Fox was born in Yorkshire, UK in 1958. He qualified as a Control and Systems Engineer in 1981 and was recruited by Shell Oil to commission offshore oil platforms in the Brent field, North Sea. This was the start of a successful career in oil exploration and upstream production.

Specializing in the design and commissioning of Distributed Control Systems and Programmable Logic Controls. Over twenty years Will went on to commission many large projects around the globe on behalf of major oil companies. Working in locations as diverse as the North Sea, Middle East, Gulf of Mexico and the Far East. Taking projects in stages from conception, through design to commissioning and working at various times for Shell Conoco, Total, BG and BP.

Following the first Gulf War, Will was recruited as an ‘engineering consultant’ to work for the British Ministry of Defence. Details of this work are classified under the Official Secret Act of the United Kingdom.

In 2000, Will returned to the oil industry to assist with the development of engineering solutions to minimise the environmental impact of several oil field developments.

However, Wills love of the outdoors and nature resulted in his moving to South Africa in 2007 to follow his dream of working in African wildlife conservation and in particular with Leopards. He became the manager of the Ingwe Leopard Research program and chairman of PAW Conservation Trust. As much as this work was spiritually fulfilling, Will wanted to do more and felt that his project management and engineering background could be better used and so in March of 2010 he became an investor in and CEO of WildEarth Safari, producing both live 2D broadcasts and and post produced 3D safari series. In August 2011 Will joined the WildEarth board of directors.