West End Nest

West End Nest
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The West End nest has been active since 1991 and viewable online since 2005. From 1992-2006 there was a trio of eagles (2 females and a male) breeding together. 

Over the years there have been changes in the breeding birds present. The current female at the West End nest (#91) hatched at the Two Harbors nest in 2009.

The male (#01, he has lost the top half of his wing tags) was produced by captive eagles at the Avian Conservation Center at the San Francisco Zoo and fostered to the Pinnacle Rock nest on Santa Catalina Island in 2000.

This year (2015) should be the first breeding season for #91, who replaced the original West End female (a bird released in 1986 named Wray) in 2014. To find out what has been happening on this and our other nests, please visit the Channel Islands Live! Eagle Cam Discussion Forum. We have multiple cameras, so please click here to view all our nests and join in the chat. To learn more visit iws.org.