Why is there advertising?

Advertising is what makes these windows into our natural world possible.We do our best to find the right balance between the amount and location of the ads we serve and your user experience, but something has to pay for all the equipment, servers, bandwidth and time that it takes to broadcast LIVE wildlife to you. Without advertising we would not be able to bring you these streams for free.

How can I advertise on WildEarth?

If you would like to advertise on WildEarth, either through page or video ads, please email us your enquiry.

How do I report an offensive ad?

As we aim to make our site accessible and enjoyable for everyone we do try to prevent ads that are not ‘family friendly’ or relate to known controversial topics among our viewers.We therefore, as much as we can, try not to show ads relating to religion, politics, adult content, hunting, etc. Unfortunately, we are not able to screen each individual ad ahead of time so once in awhile an ad might still be shown that could be deemed offensive or inappropriate.
Should you see one, then please email us with as much of the following information as possible:

  • Where in the world you are (country and state/province is fine).
  • What page you were on when you saw the ad (copy and include the URL if possible).
  • What type of ad it was (page ad, video ad, pop up ad at the bottom of the player, etc).
  • What service/company the ad promoted and if possible the website it links to.
  • If you are able to take a screen grab of the offending ad, please include this too.

When we receive your report we will try to locate and remove the ad. We will not always be able to do so, as not all our ad providers allow us to remove or block individual ads, but we will definitely give it a try.