WildEarth (WE) is an ecosystem
of LIVE wildlife stream producers and animal loving viewers.

Our mission is to provide people around the world with immersive experiences in nature.
WildEarth is a dedicated LIVE wildlife platform that focuses on connecting people to animals.

WildEarth was founded in 2006 by Emily and Graham Wallington with the critical help of three investors. The vision was to create a LIVE wildlife channel that simultaneously broadcast on the Internet and TV. The principle involved taking the LIVE community driven elements of a wildlife webcam and the high production values of a presenter led TV series and get them working together at Djuma Game Reserve in South Africa. So construction of the crew camp, final control, receive towers and our first LIVE safari vehicle began in September 2006.

A great many trenches had to be dug, wires pulled, holes drilled, not to mention all the T's that had to be crossed and I's dotted. Eventually WE began broadcasting on the 27th of April 2007, which just happens to be Freedom Day in South Africa, and the anniversary of the first democratic election that took place in 1994. The first few months were very very difficult as there were several persistent problems with almost all aspects of the system. But slowly, one by one, the team worked through them and the audience kept on growing and growing. The number of shows increased, the number of hours per day that the safari went out increased and the number of minutes of video served increased to over 2 million per day.


In 2009 we were joined by Peter Braat as both our technical director and an investor/shareholder.
Peter quickly established himself as a key member of the management team
and has worked tirelessly towards our ambitious vision through thick and thin.

Along the way WE realised that we could (and should) share what we had learnt about this genre of broadcasting with others. WE also knew that other LIVE wildlife broadcasters desperately needed a way to cost effectivley get their streams to nature loving audiences. So the ‘producers program’ was born. A simple system which allows selected LIVE wildlife producers to send their LIVE streams to the WildEarth platform from where we archive the video and handle the global distribution and provide the producers with an embedded player that they can put back into their websites.

Over the years we have added many exciting new LIVE wildlife streams from all over the world. The exciting birth of little black bear cubs in Minnesota with the North American Bear Center. The many eagle nests that we have been privileged to watch from Hancock Wildlife Foundation in Canada, the world famous Hornby Island nest, the peregrine falcons of Pittsburg, the many beautiful cams from PixController in Pennsylvania. Every year we fly LIVE with Operation Migration as they take a cohort of whooping cranes across America.
The restarting of Pete’s Pond in Mashatu, Botswana was a high point for many die hard fans.


In 2010 William Fox invested into the business and we began developing our 3D (stereoscopic) skills and equipment.
This culminated in the world’s first LIVE 3D broadcast from a moving safari vehicle
in Djuma Game Reserve, South Africa in August 2011.

Since then WildEarth has gone on to produce numerous high quality 3D TV series that have been licensed all over the world. Many people have been involved with making WildEarth what it is today. From investors that you never hear about, but without whom nothing would have been possible. To various crew and staff members that have come and gone, some stayed for a few days or a month, while others are still with us after years and years. Of course without the support and friendship of Pippa and Jurie Moolman (owners of Djuma) WE would not be here now.

Peter Braat, our technical director, partner and investor, who is always a pillar of strength, wisdom and ... solutions. There is the dedicated admin team made up of Karen, Colleen and Valorie who never sleep and keep an eagle eye on all the comings and goings in the far flung corners of the network, always maintaining the 'family values' that underpin the WE community. The various moderators, zoomies and archivists that work around the clock and around the globe to make sure that chat remains clean, cameras point at the action and that videomarks are as good as they can be. Torsten Hoffman at 3D Content Hub, our TV distributors, and their intrepid team of agents globally that work tirelessly to educate the television industry about our vision.

Last, but certainly not least, are all the viewers, without whom there is no WE.