3flow is a 24/7 3D television channel owned and operated by Sasashani (WildEarth’s parent company) that is delivered from London to several pay TV operators around the world, including: Freebox (France), Tricom (Dominican Republic), several operators in the Baltics and Cira Media in India. The content on 3flow is a combination of WildEarth 3D TV titles and action sports from Carnage. You can expect to be diving in the Red Sea one moment and then jumping out of an aeroplane in a wingsuit the next.

3flow broadcasts the highly successful 3Dsafari, Kalahari Meerkats and 3Ddive series.

Already the first episodes from the new series from WildEarth: TIA - This Is Africa, Cubs n Pups and Chacma - a baboon story are airing on 3flow, with more to come … If you represent a pay TV operator that is looking to expand your 3D TV bouquet of channels please contact Torsten Hoffman.