3D TV Content

WildEarth is one of the largest (if not the largest) producer of high quality 3D wildlife television content in the world.

Since 2010 we have built up an impressive portfolio of series and titles,
which we license to various broadcasters around the world.

If you are interested in licensing high quality 3D wildlife content for your platform please get in contact with Torsten Hoffman at 3D Content Hub (torsten@3dcontenthub.com)

TIA - This Is Africa 5 x 30 mins

For four months an intrepid team of filmmakers are living and working in the heart of the African wilderness. Every morning they wake up before dawn on the spectacular Thornybush Private Nature Reserve near to the world famous Kruger National Park. After a hastily drunk cup of coffee they set out into the bush to follow up and document the lives of the African animals that they live with.

Cubs ‘n Pups 4 x 30 mins

This four part documentary series celebrates the lives of some very special animal characters at Zoos and Wildlife Parks around South Africa. Cubs ‘n Pups follow these characters from when they are tiny until they grow up and face the real world. Many have been rescued and are hand reared by people who have given their lives to keeping these tiny creatures alive.

Baboon Diaries 6 x 30 mins

One of the world’s leading Chacma Baboons experts integrates into a troop of baboons high up in the Soutpansberg mountains of South Africa. “Chacma” follows the dramas in the social life of the ‘House Troop’, as seen through the eyes of wildlife biologist Peter Tomlin.

Snakes in 3D 1 x 40 mins

Throughout human history they have been both revered and reviled; appearing as symbols of evil in the bible and as healers in ancient Greece. There is no arguing that snakes with their long thin bodies that wave around lend themselves to being filmed in 3D.
There are 15 families and over 2900 species of snake in the world.

Kalahari Meerkats 12 x 30 mins

Kalahari Meerkats unites viewers with the Gosa gang, a family of meerkats, struggling to survive in Africa’s Kalahari Desert. From family quarrels, to love affairs, to life threatening situations, these fuzzy cute animals rarely have a dull moment. Standing tall at only one foot high, the meerkat is a small member of the mongoose family that thrives in one of the driest places on Earth – the Kalahari Desert.

3Dsafari 15 x 30 mins

Ever wondered what it is like to be immersed in the African wilderness? Have you dreamt of being surrounded by a herd of elephants? Well look no further ... 3D Safari will transport you to the depths and breadths of Africa in 3D. Sit on the back of an open top jeep whilst an expert ranger takes you on the ride of your life.
This is a television experience like none other you have ever had.

Safari Encyclopedia 1 x 60 mins

Shot in the wild in South Africa each video will give you an insight into each animal's characteristics, feeding patterns and social behaviour. The shots themselves will tell you how they live but a narration will also help you understand each one’s different behaviour. For example the elephant's trunk is sensitive enough to pick up a single blade of grass, yet strong enough to rip the branches off a tree.

3Ddive 3 x 60 mins

Shot in full Stereoscopic 3D off the coasts of Mozambique, South Africa and Egypt, watch divers as they explore the eerie shallow waters of a mangrove to the crystal clear spring on the African Savannah.
From the wreck of a the Thistlegorm to a vertical coral wall. This is a series that genuinely immerses you in the tropical African ocean.